I'm going to cry!! Need help!!

Okay, I know that you guys are positively sick to death of all of these newbies popping in and asking the most juvenile questions, but you guys have got to cut me some slack. Look, I don’t use GMod, or Steam or any of that other goofy stuff. My KID does. However, he is 8. So when you guys are all like “Hey! Download this add-on!” or “Check out my new scripting file” or whatever it is you guys say to each other, my kid jumps all over it. Unfortunately, while he knows how to download the files, extracting them and installing them into the correct folders seems to throw him for a loop. I have done enough work with other programs to know that if there are files with a particular extension, if you don’t put them into the correct folder, you can never open them or use them etc. And when you get frustrated and decide to just throw a copy of every file into EVERY folder within a program… well, let’s just say that you end up with a MUCH MUCH bigger mess than you ever anticipated on. This I know from experience, sad to say. Anyhow. Okay. What I need to specifically know is this - the current thing he is dying to use in GMod is this “headcrab pill”…? Now, I’ve gone and downloaded the file to my Temporary Internet Files folder. Can anyone please please PLEASE tell me where to extract the files to in order for them to be usable to him when he plays?? I will love you forever, anyone who can answer me this question in the plainest, simplest, step-by-step form that even someone as “out of the loop” as I am can understand.


K - K guys, that’s cool. Thanks a bunch. You guys helped out a lot. Muah!

but… no one posted

Um… that was my point. I was being sarcastic.

If you are old enough to have an 8 year old son, I would expect you to know how to Google.

Mommy, the reason no one posted is most likely because we saw that big-ass wall of text.

For future reference, we don’t want your life story. Put your problem and nothing else down and wait.

Are you sure you aren’t 8 yourself with that level of maturity? Less than an hour had passed before your response. Patience is a virtue. On an Internet forum, people aren’t going to answer straight away.


i saw something about addons soooo.

90% of downloads go in the Addons folder…

C:\Program files\steam\steamapps[username here]\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons

well gmod is pretty simple when u download some thing yust open the map and look for the info.txt file should be in the first map but sometime peapol but the mods in more maps :confused:
if its a info.txt yust put it in your addon folder if not u probably get folders like
materials models and so on yust go to username/garrysmod/garrysmod and move them in the
mods folder to the garrysmod folder pretty easy when u do it a few times

read your comment again :stuck_out_tongue: heres a step by step
if it was this one u ment http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=5957
tho i saved it on keyboard
1.so got a lua map here it says lua maps like materials models is usualy not addons
2.now go to the gmod game folder ?:\Program files\steam\steamapps[username here]\garrysmod\garrysmod
3. open the lua map in the garrysmod folder
4. then open the mod lua file (the one i got on my desktop)
5. got 1 map weapons i have it in my garrysmod lua map to but if u dont yust copy the weapon map from the mod to the garrysmod/lua folder
6. if you have the lua/weapons folder then yust go inside it on both once so garrysmod/lua/weapons
in the mod folder its 1 map thath is called pill head crab
yust move it to the garrysmod/lua/weapons folder and it shoud work :smiley:
…shit this got longXD

maybe this helps other peapol to
and to make it more simple folow the maps
ex like this lua both got them weapons both got them head crab pill is not there then yust move it to there
hope u understand:P its the same with other maps (and most games)

have fun

If there’s an “info.txt” file in a folder, that folder goes to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons :science:


Ninja’s… :ninja: