I'm going to do one of these things, What I want from Rust.

I’ve seen a few of them really, and commented on the couple I’ve seen since making this account.
But I’ve decided I want to make a thread of my own suggesting, not in any real order, the changes I would like to see in rust:

First of all, it doesn’t HAVE to be a hoverboard (it probably SHOULDN’T be a hoverboard), the name is there because it’s the easiest way to visualize the mechanic I want.
I would like a personal vehicle, one of the highest tiers of tech in the game.
While on it, you move at between 1.5-3X base sprint speed (Whatever ends up being balanced)
You lose hunger at the same rate you would while sprinting.
However, while on the board, you cannot attack, draw a weapon, crouch or slow down.
Movement is a little unorthodox, you swerve instead of turning, and depending on how people feel, maybe one day they’ll be tricks.
Camera angle may or may not be third person.
Equipping and de-equipping the board should take a second or two, to stop players bolting up, shotgunning somebody, then pissbolting away again.
That said, it shouldn’t be too long, so it is a viable means of escape.

I want this more than anything.
I don’t care what happens in rust at all compared to how much I want this.
The map is so big, and pretty and unexplored that a personal movement device, less clunky than a true vehicle, would be amazingly fun.

In a similar vein;
I don’t want true flight, but a glider would be so much fun.
Climb to the top of mount neverust, and fly nearly half the occupied map.
Climb to the top of a hill and get a few seconds of flight, build a launch platform on your base and save yourself 20 seconds at the start of each trip.
I’m thinking a drop rate of around 2m/s?
Such that if you climb to the top of most hills, you’ll get around 10 seconds of flight, 15-20 from the higher ones and maybe a minute from mount neverust. I’m not quite sure of values.
One can cancel flight early, but it should be carefully considered as fall damage still applies.
Weapons cannot be fired while gliding.

Destructible Terrain:**
Will probably never happen, and would be… quite hard to do well;
Too much and you can have one moron with too much time on his hand level the map.
Not enough and what’s the point?
Perhaps have areas regenerate similar to current mining nodes? Who knows.
Point is, in a perfect world, without stupidity, it could be fun.
But I highly doubt it could or will be implemented.

Epic scale:
I don’t know why we have talk of implementing reductions in maximum building size, I really like the idea of mind blowingly huge castles and towers made by groups of people.
Granted, the material costs would have to go up, perhaps even exponentially with the addition of support structures and such to hold up your giant castle.
But by adding huge buildings, you can move into the realms of siege machines and grand scale combat.

Imagine a rust where you have a giant coal powered tank with a trebuchet mounted on top, piloted by you and three mates, with a 4th spotting the trebuchet. You wheel it, slowly but unstoppably over foothills towards the enemy fortress and start flinging huge boulders at their castle gates.
But they’re not without their own defences; tunnels and pitfalls pepper the area around their fort, even your mighty war machine can’t drive safely over a 5 foot wide hollowed out section of ground loaded with explosives.
The battle becomes a back and forth, you clear traps, they retaliate against your offence, your move forwards, they assault your monstrosity, you break down their gate, they come pouring out.
Meanwhile, the moronic nakeds with rocks stand back, totally helpless and totally in over their heads.

This is what an end game should feel like.
You’re so many tiers of technology above the cavemen you once were that you are as gods to them.

This is possible in rust.
Unlike destructable terrain, huge well designed towers and siege weapons COULD happen.

But they probably won’t. This game will likely end up a clone of almost every other survival game out there.
But one can dream.

This is a bit of a controversial one (At least it is in my head, the voices don’t agree, so I doubt everyone else will).
On the one hand, they could add a lot more potential to base defence, claymores, trip mines, pitfalls, spring traps, etc could actually stop gung ho “Look he’s offline, blow his shit up” solo raids.
On the other hand, unless they’re crazy expensive and hard to set up, people could just place them randomly, or outside other player’s bases for grief value.
In particular, the idea of a single, customizable trap type appeals to me: a ‘Spring Trap’
Spring loaded trap when loaded with various materials, it’s effects change, but are fundamentally the same.
Stepping on the trap or triggering it via an external method causes it to fling it’s contents in a straight line.
Empty: deals no damage, bumps first target in the way.
Wood: Deals no damage, knocks back the target a moderate distance.
Planks: Deals no damage, knocks the target back a considerable distance.
Stones: Deal minor damage, may cause injury.
Rock: Deals moderate damage, causes injury.
Metal fragments: deals moderate damage, may cause bleed.
Low quality metal: Deals high damage, causes bleed.
Gunpowder: Deals minor damage, ignites target.
Explosives/C4: Deals high damage, kills unarmoured targets, but may destroy nearby buildings or the trap itself.
Any unlisted item: deals minor damage, bumps back the first target, but gives them the item. (Could be used as a kind of reward at the end of a user made puzzle, the bump able to knock them out of the puzzle, ensuring only the first player gets a reward)

I like the idea of traps, and they probably will exist in some form by rust’s release.

More tech tiers:
I want to see more noticeable planes of tech.
Let’s say you have tier 1: Cloth, bow and arrow, stone tools moving into leather at the end of the tier.
Tier 2: Chainmail armour, Long bows, cross bows, metal tools start learning to cultivate animals and plants. finish the tier with plate armour.
Tier 3: Metal mesh armour, Primitive mechanical weapons such as bolt action rifles, pipe shotgun and so on. ends in anti-radiation armour.
Tier 4: Kevlar, high tech weapons, high tech tools, ends in dragon skin armour.

Now granted, I actually hate that this game HAS high tech armour and weapons, you can see the process here.
I want more ways to distinguish the different armors, and gears.
Instead of jumping from animal skin to military grade weaponry.

This will probably happen with our without my suggestion, but I want it, so here it is.

Additionally, I want to see more tools:
Ropes, abseiling gear, gliders, my precious hoverboard, mining equipment, lassos, Grills, boats, scuba gear… Hang on, Next idea:

Water environments!
I want rivers, oceans, beaches.
I want to swim, to fish, to lie in wait in scuba gear with a harpoon gun for some poor sap to go looking for sunken treasure.
I want aquatic creatures.
I love water in games.
love it love it love it.
I want rust to have waterfalls and rivers and swamps.
I want sunken ships and treasures like the current rad towns.
I want to fish.
I want to attach buoyancy devices to my house and send it out to sea!
I want water environments!

World drops, events, rarespawns, loot:
I actually like rad towns a lot.
I like the increased danger, the gear requirement to be in them for extended periods and the risk that somebody else will get the same idea and blow you up on sight.
Most of all, I like the loot obtainable within them.
But I don’t want to get main gear requirements from here.
I want it to be unusual perks, efficient foods, scopes or mods for weapons but not the weapons themselves.
Rewards, but not necessary game changing gear.
An occasional rare item needed for part of a recipe would be okay, like explosives (needed for C4) for example, but nothing like currently.

Additonally, I like air drops, and I would like similar events to that.
Say, for example, an alpha wolf and it’s pack that occaisionally spawn in one of many possible dens.
They’re stronger and faster than normal wolves, so much so that one can’t really bring them all down alone, even if they make multiple trips.
But a coordinated group, or a skilled player with lots of time on his or her hands, can take them down and find the loot within. Perhaps only some mining nodes, or dead animals, but it’d also be reasonable to claim that the wolves guard the remains of their prey, allowing players to find loot, gear and similar from the wolves den amongst skeletons or what have you.

While this is just an example, this sort of thing works better than the loot pinatas that are the current zombies.

This is all I can think of right now, it’s 3:30 in the morning, and I need sleep. I may (probably will) update in the near future.
Stay tuned.

Jesus Christ, what are you doing?

Do you even realize how insane this stuff is?

and hoverboard, this isn’t Unreal Tournament

So basically, what you want is Unreal Tournament combined with medieval fantasy warfare

whats next? Space wizards? The borg?

The first 2 should be fine, I realise the third is impossible, I even mentioned how unlikely I think it will be to ever exist.

Read the very first line under the sub-title.

That’s bad?
That actually sounds like a unique, fun and original direction to take a survival game into.

A dayz clone without zombies… less so.

" the name is there because it’s the easiest way to visualize the mechanic I want."

“Movement is a little unorthodox, you swerve instead of turning, and depending on how people feel, maybe one day they’ll be tricks.

So basically exactly what a hoverboard is

and with the rest this would basically complete kill the point of the game, name a few things

[editline]23rd December 2013[/editline]

it wouldn’t be a survival game, it would be far more unbalanced and literally far more a death match

Alternately, rollerblades, a scooter, a scateboard, Fuck, it could be a bloody trained gazelle. The point is, it’s not a car, or a tank, or a rocketmobile. It’s small and personal.
But see how a name allowed you to picture the mechanic?
That’s why I gave it a name.
Clever huh?

And if the point of the game is to slowly trudge along empty landscapes…
That’s not a game, that’s google maps.

One can have survival without it being the same as every other survival game.

The point is not to aimlessly siege other castles all day.
That’s why the costs (I believe I mentioned massive costs) would make it unreasonable to do with any frequency.

But part of survival is safety, and being on the top of the food chain.
If somebody else has an unassailable fortress, you can’t really feel like you’ve achieved that.
and some loner with a shotgun and a backpack full of explosives is not the best way to deal with a fortress. It breaks flow and ruins realism.
Heck, why is an explosive packmule better for a survival game than a balistae?

You are deliberately being argumentative for the sake of it now.
You fully understand the point and are arguing semantics to sound like you’re winning.

Could you stop? Seriously, it’s actually annoying and pointless.

That’s a pleasant image… naked men riding those in the middle of the woods

have you ever tried to ride one of those on grass?

Hoverboards and dragon skin armor with trebuchet tanks, as well as castles

this is your vision of a realistic survival game

Again, you’re arguing semantics and making a strawman.
Stop it.

then why would you even say something like that?

I’m telling you exactly why this would make the game insanely unbalanced and you won’t listen. you even say “I want to see more noticeable planes of tech.” then "“Tier 4: Kevlar, high tech weapons, high tech tools, ends in dragon skin armour.”

then you say "I actually hate that this game HAS high tech armour and weapons, "

"Ropes, abseiling gear, gliders, my precious hoverboard, mining equipment, lassos, Grills, boats, scuba gear

You’re all over the place, I don’t even understand your post. Do you want high tech weapons and dragon armor or do you want it to just be a medieval game?

dragon skin armor and castles and stuff would make it basically impossible for new spawn, ruining the point of survival. Now it’s a game of “conquer and kill everyone on sight for no reason”. You even described it perfectly “You’re so many tiers of technology above the cavemen you once were that you are as gods to them.”

that’s all I’m saying, it’s impossibly unbalanced, nothing about this says survive.

Alright, let’s do this in baby speak, since you seem to be so eager to completely miss the point.

I dislike high tech nonsense in a survival game.

There is no need to bring Carbine rifles, bullet proof armour and high yield explosives into a game.
These sorts of munitions are from the last decade, couple of decades at most.
Here we start as cavemen, and somehow, within the in-game week, we’ve accelerated thousands of years of human evolution.

Now of course, following excessive realism is anti fun, nobody wants a game where we bang rocks together and grunt for thousands of hours before the game starts.
But neither should we get another modern shooter with ‘surival’ as a buzz word for what usually ends up being minecraft mixed with CoD deathmatch.

the parts of this game which are somewhat original and work well are the middle tiers, skinning animals, crafting your armor and your home. That’s what the video trailer even shows, that’s the most dynamic part of the game.

This is the aspect I’d like to focus on, developing an original look at survival, working from the ground up to painstakingly create your own home, your own gear.
You move from a hearth to a furnace to a forge to a blacksmith to a smelting plant and so on.

The progression of technology has very obvious spikes as we moved from stone, to bronze, to iron, to industry.
These can be put into the game as tiers of technology, we can relive a sped up version of history in game form.
That could be fun.
Maybe it’s not the direction garry wants, but at least it’s something new.

Now, I make references to a) high technology and b) a hoverboard for two separate reasons.

The first is because the game currently HAS the high technology, by using it, and referencing it, it allows players without a knowledge of history or imagination to better understand the concept I’m trying to bring across, in this case, differences in technology tiers and a greater variety of armour, weapons and so on.
It was the easiest way to describe it.
But, knowing that people may misunderstand, I added the disclaimer stating specifically that I didn’t WANT the high technology, I was using it for the purposes of example.

Similarly, with the hoverboard suggestion, a means for one player to move about the map quickly and efficiently is quite a good idea.
At the moment, living anywhere but right next to a resource valley means a many minute long trudge through empty landscapes.
Yes, this is somewhat the point of building remotely, but one can build remotely without being forced to live the same boring slow trip.
Additionally, one can be almost completely out of range of people without the technology to build vehicles by placing themselves a long drive away.
Personal movement is something that makes or breaks a game, if you move too slowly, or too slow relative to your sorroundings, it can make the game feel clunky, slow, or boring.
A feeling of speed is actually something a lot of gamers enjoy.

I don’t want a hoverboard, in the sense that I don’t want a futuristic floating board with a sci-fi propulsion system.
I do want a hoverboard in the sense that I want the mechanic that is difficult to describe without analogy.

And that’s where you seem to have a severe, possibly deliberate misunderstanding.

I am using example and analogy to express more important ideas.
Those examples and analogies are not the items that I am requesting, it is the mechanics behind them that would be beneficial to the game.

If you have any further issues in understanding, please let me know. Obviously, my communication skills are lacking, as these were concepts I had believed quite simple to comprehend, which given your response, must be a false assumption.

Now you’re pretty much just purely down talking, how do you expect anyone to listen to these ideas when they’re so wildly unfitting, unbalanced, and your wording is so over-complicated?

I think the one that needs baby talk is you. It’s very obvious that rust isn’t for you, none of this says ‘survival’ at all.

So basically you want an even more complicated version of terraria only 3d?

this would make the game progression unbelievably slow to the point where it’s completely unneeded. People would be forced to have to learn complex mechanisms behind crafting these things and wouldn’t even get the chance to do shit because someone with dragon armor and a castle would be so far above them. It becomes far more than a post apoc survival, it becomes this completely unorthodox game that makes no sense.

none of the original post had the sentence structure for anyone to understand that you had the idea of progressively evolving levels of technology.

I mean I like your imaginitiveness, it’s simply way too far though

The one idea I love is the water environment. The others you can just count out because they are unrealistic or helpful for trolls.

garry has already stated that he doesn’t want a sort of progression/mmo style element to this game.

I like the epic scale, in terms of map size, and building sizes. I don’t think they should start placing size limitations on structures aside from those automatically imposed by surrounding terrain.