"I'm going to get you out of here buddy!"


I did the posing and editing myself. The editing is not very good so give tips and when think it’s bad say what is bad. I just begun editing so don’t get all bitchy at me.

2 hours and no replies!

Not bad at all, but the posing could be a bit better.

Yeah, and the smoke is a little…well I dunno. It might just be my screen.
I guess Chesty will comment on it soon :v:


Oh wait.

Woah! Hey now! Slow down, kiddo!
What’s with all those Wacky filters?!

Oh wait… Nevermind,
Looks good, but posing could be better.

kiddo? thanks for liking it.

Posing isn’t bad but the editing could do with some work.

Pretty cool, but the posing is a bit strange

[sp]I wrote this with an Ipod touch[/sp] :hurr:

Yep the map is lifeless, look in the background, it’s empty. But posing is nice i guess.

The man on the ground looks like he’s going, “Bitch stole my gun!”