im going to map my school

im going to map it. i got the floor plan. its a map of my school. i need to make it a texture. a big texture. so i can build on top of that. how do i do this.

Well… I would just say use Valve’s default textures or use CSS textures. Well, or you could look up how to texture for Hammer Source SDK but it’s kinda weird :buddy:

Didn’t some guy get arrested for mapping his school for CSS?


hoyl crap!

umm. im still making it. thats just bullshit.

Thats funny shit k now Imma get turned in by my parents bye guys.

Just make your map. If you get arrested, you’ll be one badass gamer.

(Nerd is passé)

We shit you not. That happened. Enjoy getting V&.

Vanned? Is that what the kids are calling it now-a-days? In my day we called it ‘raped by pedophile’.

i will fight for my rights.there is no proof that i will use it for a terrorist attack.

and, i have a map of everything in the school, that they provided for everyone. they cant get me thrown in the slammer, ill sue.

They don’t need ‘proof’ anymore, just signs of it ‘maybe’ happening, really.


damn you bush!!!

Didn’t the last kid get turned in by his parents? I don’t recall…if so, just make sure your parents know that you are for sure not a terrorist?

Make this map, It will provide another article for our amusement.


I feel like making school textures for some reason.

brb, bricks, lockers, ceilings, and shit.

there are school maps for css, but they are blocky and repitive, not making very intresting maps. However they can provide a steep learning curve for you

Ive got Styrofoam ceiling textures in the works :smiley:

Here’s the basic ceiling blocks, Im gonna make lights for you to use.

I could release a pack or something. Im gonna make a thread :smiley:

When you do. Can you PM me the link. I need these types of textures so much and never got around to making them. Thanks!

If they are convinced that you are a terrorist just tell them its for a puzzle game or building on Garry’smod or something, because sourcemaps (obviously) are compatible with every source game… except for the textures.

Not just for mauling each other on CS:S

That’s China.