I'm having a huge problem.

I recently Uninstalled and re-installed Garrysmod. and download a few tools.
for building.
Gccombat, Wiremod, PHX, Etc.
I aslo downloaded an ammo mod,

My problem is this, After I started up my game.
Anything with “Shine”/Glass showed this:

Anyone know how I could fix this?
(sorry if this is the wrong section to post in)

Your cubemaps are broken. Just restart your client. I’ve never had that issue percist beyond then. However its possible you downloaded something that conflicted and caused that issue. Which is why I run gmod with only the bare essentials (PHX3 svn, Wire svn, Percision Alignment, smartsnap.) thats about it

My problem is, I’ve just started building. I used to Ragdoll pose.
So im Fairly new to this side of Gmod…

Well if a simple restart doesn’t help, its probably a confliction issue. The tools I mentioned are really the only tools needed to build, (I forgot smart constraint, and a multi parent tool of your choice).