I'm Having issues launching the game

Everytime I launch rust, after 1 min the game crashes and I have this message: Rust Launcher Error: FatalError - Failed to initialize the game process. Error Code: 6 Exit Code: 0

I tried executing rust.exe as ad admin in steam folder but when i try to connect to a server I have this message: Disconnected: EAC: unconnected

Anyone can help me out please? thank you

Are you using some kind of PatchGuard -disabler tool?

I’m getting an instant crash on launch… no error.

No, I’m not using anything like that

on second PC,

I had the problem with Rust locking up the screen, Did a gpu and cpu stress test both running at 100% for 5 + minutes, all other off my games worked so I installed the latest beta amd driver it crashes back to the desktop now, maybe try to install a older amd gpu driver will see.

will try it on my 1st pc tonight