I'm having problems with some hair textures

Hello, I’m creating a player model for Gmod

So I applied the textures and everything looks decent except fo his hair

from outside


from inside?

As you might have noticed, I can only see his hair from the outside and of course it looks like a square anyway to fix this?

the original textures I ripped from the model where TGA textures and I don’t know how to handle them or what I need to do in order to fix this,mayeb some special configuration in VTFedit?

here they are in case you want to take a closer look : https://mega.nz/#!oNwiHYRQ!aY6L_KgfuQ9FA7m-pyV9MnFqhXSk9iOxKkONarAYgo4

It’s almost complete!

THANKS FOR THE HELP (i’m a complete noob btw so write slowly please)

Wrong section. Ask a mod to move it to the Garry’s Mod SubForum for you.

ok thanks

Does the texture have an alpha channel? If so you’re going to need to add $alphatest 1 to the vmt.

I guess it doesn’t have an alpha channel I tried adding “$alphatest” 1 and It keeps looking stange

can you tell me how to do it? please and if not, know any good tutorials?