I'm having trouble running Garry's Mod on my laptop...

I recently downloaded the Counterstrike: Source + Garry’s Mod package on steam, Counterstrike works fine but Garry’s mod refuses to run. Each time i run it it’ll show a picture of a guy slamming a traffic cone on G-man’s head and then shut down, it will show this little window that says: hl2.exe has encountered a problem and has closed windows will notify if a solution to the problem is found. I’ve had it for a while now yet it still doesn’t work, I even bought a new computer running on Vista but it still won’t work. Does anyone have a way to fix this?

Try reinstalling gmod.
Also, gmod is going to be somewhat hard to play on a laptop without the numpad.

I used a USB keyboard plugged into the laptop when I did.

I was having the same problem. This solution worked for me:

Right click on GM in mygames and click on properties. Then click on set launch options and type in the following:

“-dxlevel <level>” - where instead of level, you put in your version of DirectX.
Example: if your version of DirectX is 9.0, you should add this to the command line:

-dxlevel 90

I have dx 10 so I put in -dxlevel 10 and it finally worked!!

Im having a problem with that i wrote this in my set launch options -window -dxlevel 70+mat_forcehardwaresync 0 and then they said it woud go to 8 then 9 then up to 10 but it doesnt for me, and if i do the same but with -dxlevel 80 it works but 9+ it doesnt work, and my computer has directX10

You have Vista then, Right?

mine works with -console
but im wondering how to convert the num pad keys to the regular top keys

I laughed so hard at that.

By putting -dxlevel 10 you were telling it to run in DirectX ONE mode, seeing as that is impossible it’s running in DX7 for you now. There is no way to run DX10 in Source games because they aren’t programmed for it.

Firewall could be blocking it.

System Specs Please!

um…at first i couldn’t run Garry’s mod 10 on my laptop but thanks to this forum i can. I wrote the “window -dxlevel 70+mat_forcehardwaresync 0” without the quotes. It runs perfect except for a couple things. a) there is no heath gauge b) when i press 1-6 i can here noises and can select the weapons but can’t see them and i can’t see where it usually says what your current tool is (around the top left of the screen) . please help i , any help will be largely appreciated . thanks ( and please explain as detailed as possible i am a noob with this kind of stuff.

The problem is that GARRYSMOD ISN’T MEANT TO RUN IN DX 70, lowest is 80.

The problem is that you’re trying to force Garrysmod to run in a situation that it wasn’t designed for, you can’t expect it to run well.

I am using a laptop, which is a good one and I have a very stupid computer with numpads that has bad RAM.


Don’t think like what happened to Swissair 111, they put in stuff they aren’t designed for and it crashed. SO if you put something Gmod isn’t designed for, it could become unstable.

Post your specifcations of your laptop, including Video card model
If it’s a Intel 945 or Below, you wont run it well.

For me it ran DirectX Level 1.0, at least it sad hardware version was :saddowns:


Wait So in Order To run Gmod well, i need directX 9

So it messes up if its in directX 10

It doesn’t run in DX10.