I'm having trouble using mods :(

I’ve downloaded some mods like the turokenemies mod and hammys mod pack and i unzipped them and then dragged the files to the addons page for gmod but i can’t find the mods anywhere when i start the game! can anyone please help?

please link the addons that you’ve downloaded.
since i’ve never heard of either, they may be outdated.
but you need to check to see if the included folder has an info.txt for it to belong in garrysmod/addons

Here is the hammys prop pack link


And here is the Turok Enemies link


I haven’t found any .txt files with either one of the downloads for some reason.

That’s because there are no modinfo files in there.
Just copy those txt files from other addon folders, you don’t even need to change them.

Easy as that.

Ok, I copied the txt files from another addon folder and pasted it in the turok enemies folder but it still doesn’t work. Are any of the mods on gmod.org even reliable? none have worked for me so far. I even copied and pasted a txt file into the hammy pack but it hasn’t shown up either… I’m guessing it just isn’t going to work no matter what. I appreciate the help though so thank you very much.

All the basic materials + models addons are reliable. The problem is in what you do.

Did you really copy an info.txt file from another addon folder?
Did you check what it says inside?

Yes I really DID copy and paste an info.txt file. And here is what the file said. This is just becoming extremely annoying at this point.

Put it in:


Thanks for downloading. HAVE FUN!!!

Oh golly, it’s getting extremely annoying, then don’t post and ask for help.
Either that or stop being a rude little bitch.

You’re doing something wrong.
Besides, that looks like a readme.

Thanks for the info anyway :stuck_out_tongue: you asking me if I really did copy it made it seem as if I were ignorant and didn’t know how to copy and paste. Guess I misunderstood you. My fault.