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He looks like he’s posing for a fashion magazine.

that’s right!!!

The way he’s standing gives me a feeling of seduction happening around… Weird

You are always very happy to comment me

dude, when you post a picture, either don’t, or post it in the giant megathread for pictures that are not worth a thread.
you haven’t a talent and need to waste less of my browsing time.

thank you

Wow, you’re actually quite an asshole. Maybe you should give him some constructive criticism, so that you know, he can improve?

Anyway, I like the idea of the picture, but the lighting is a little much, and the posing isn’t quite up to scratch. Always try your best to spend time making the posing realistic, and don’t go overboard with the editing.

I am.

But this isn’t anything that can be improved, really.

Posing’s shit, fix it.
The touch of face and finger posing’s nice.
But the facial expressions mean nothing, so they’re pretty pointless.
Lighting is boring and editing hasn’t helped anything.


It still doesn’t belong in its own thread. Even with added criticizm.