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Guess which movie I saw last night!

This is my first edit, so be nice

For your first edit its okay but theres a lot of work waiting for you.
Posing is okay but the scenebuild is not so good.
Scene Build means you dont know in which map that picture was taken.
I can clearly see that you took an huge empty map like flatgrass.
Well you gotta work on your editing mate.
There are much tutorials out there.
Look up V-Mans Editing tutorial its really good.

*Work on your scene-build
*Work on your editing

Hope this help.

  1. Ok
    2.It was supposed to look kinda empty, I wanted it to look like the place in the last scene of Full Metal Jacket, and in that scene, it was a wide open space
  2. You already stated that, no need to rub it in
    4.I know I’ve seen it

I don’t see how he was rubbing it in…

You asked for crits and he gave you them. :v:
Anyway, needs to be a little brighter.
And editing is OK.

Full Metal Jacket is awesome, though you havent really captured the essense of it in the picture for me, I think its just those Vietnam models.

Yeah, and some of the posing. Nice FMJ reference.

I never asked for crits, I just said “Be nice”.

The fire is too dark and isn’t emitting any light.

It’s a good thing I have you chesty, otherwise I’d have to type what I was thinking.

I wouldn’t want your fingers to get tired.

Thanks, I knew i forgot something like that