Im in need of a custom map. Can anyone help?

Im in need of a custom map with the following features:

  1. Largest map available.
  2. All textures and models used in the map included, no other games necessary.
  3. Noded for NPCs.
  4. A high 3D skybox.
  5. A river with a flat moated island (For a large castle dupe Im building that has a working drawbridge).
  6. Slightly hilly terrain.
  7. Flat spot for building a small village.
  8. Cave with tunnels.
  9. Plenty of trees.
  10. Small forested area.

Pretty sure nobody is taking it unless they’re getting paid

I’d be willing to do this, I am a bit rusty haven’t done anything in a few years if you can draw me a semi detailed overview so I can get an idea of what layout you are after.

Good luck with getting a mapper for free, bud.