Im In Need Of A Custom Script Made! Please Read!


Im not good enough to make this but I need a kind of event timer

A box at the top of the screen that cycles through events.

i need events to last 5 mins

If you can help me pm me, Email me or skype message me PRO_MC_CODER Paying $15

the events are In this order:

Free time

Return To cell

Role call

Mess Hall Time

Shower Time

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Your skype name says you’re a “coder” but you can’t make this?

It says MC as in minecraft i make plugins for minecraft i just started lua…

Should be pretty simple.

If its so simple can you make it…

You are learning lua by asking others to make you simple shit?
Either make it yourself or go to scriptfodder.
Alternatively, you could always quit GMod and play JBMod

You can go and hire a coder on , this is meant for devs that do stuff themselves, not just ask someone else to do it.

Yes Already tried no one i found can make it…

Probably because its pretty simple and no one wants to waste their time.

Look at the wiki articles and learn. If you know Java you can learn glua.

I feel so confused in lua.

local = private var
(Var name without local) = public var
– = Single line comment
–[] = Multi-line comment

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If you are stuck read this:

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If you want to find a function use this:

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This is not the place to ask for someone to do something for you.

you see the timer.create is not really what i need i mean this has to cycle over and over forever these are just timers to a action

timer.Create keeps running. it would be timer.Simple that only runs once.

BS, you can’t code Java Minecraft plugins and find that easier than Lua, unless ofc you can’t do that either Mr. PRO_MC_CODER.

Ha, Its Absolutely Easier Lua is Weird af…

I’ll give you a hint to get you started.

function timerstuff()
timer.Create( “Timer1”, 5, 0, function() PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTCENTER, “Chow time!” ) end )
timer.Create( “Timer2”, 10, 0, function() PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTCENTER, “Back to your cells!” ) end )

That will run every 5 minutes, an infinite number of times, and display Chow time! in the middle of your screen.

No, it will not.

Would you mind telling me what I did wrong, other than calling the function?

function timerstuff()
    timer.Create( "Timer1", (5 * 60), 0, function() PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTCENTER, "Chow time!" ) end)
    timer.Create( "Timer2", (10 * 60), 0, function() PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTCENTER, "Back to your cells!" ) end)

Timers execute in seconds not minutes.