I'm in need of finding an old map

I need help finding a map, as I’m hoping this is the right section to ask(If not I don’t mind a ban for a few hours, or at least move it/delete it), as I’m not really requesting a map to be made, but a map to be found.

It pretty much was a map that was made on the trip the creator had went on, it being some weird place, having a stage with, I believe a broken piano that had fell down from the second floor and a buncha tables and chairs, with a bar in the back, and you had the ability to press a button and make the room fill with rain, as other rooms were like a weird pyramid type thing, and it’d lead you back to the place. Outside the place was pretty empty, it also had another single room where it had a chair in the middle, and when you’d press a button it’d show you as if you were in space with stars and such. The main room you enter was full of weird displays of items and such, as downstairs it had a oval type sitting area, with a bar and a weird head that talks, and two rooms with tons of masks on the wall, and a window that you look out in one of them, looking as if you were in space as well I believe. I can’t seem to remember the name, and I can’t remember if it was on garrysmod.org, or not.

I hope possibly someone knows what I’m talking about.


gm_adventurers, or something of the sort.

It was based around this attraction at Disneyland, and it’s on garrysmod.org.

Ah, yes, thank you!

Ah, playing TTT on that map… Good times. I just love the whole ambiance of it all.