I'm In the Ground?

Whenever I spawn in multiplayer, I spawn in the ground. No matter what I do, I’m always inside the ground. If I move, I move around under the ground. Not only that, but other people on the server appear invisible.

A picture showing what I mean:

I have quite alot of addons installed, I’ll list a few major ones:
-Modified Vehicle Pack 2.0
-TeamFortress2 Gamemode

I don’t know how or when this happened, but it only happens to me in multiplayer. It doesn’t do this in singleplayer. Does anyone know how to fix this?

And no…I’m not noclipping into the ground.


that is exactly what’s happening to my friend. Sorry but I must ask were you hacked about the time this happened? because it happened to my friend right after he was hacked. strange coincidence …

Nope. No hacking or being hacked involved.

Clear out your LUA cache, there’s a page on the wiki about doing it.

EVO_city is undergoing a major glitch right now with where the player entity spawns… remove it
then redo

Ok, The only thing that I think could cause this is a dodgey clientside addon ( lua virus, client hax ) etc…

To fix: Uninstall garrysmod, goto your steamapps folder and delete your garrysmod folder, then reinstall it. should restore gmod to its origional state when purchased.

Guys I’ve found the problem. It was the player resizer mod. Turns out that it can screw you over and leave you at a certain size. Thanks for trying to help though.