"I'm infected, Captain. You know what to do..."



Composition is too clustered though, and it could really use some DoF.

Yeah. I always find myself trying to cram a lot of shit into a picture.

Yeah, he knows what he should do.

The Captain should go get himself screened for Sexually Transmitted Infections.
You never know what kind of shit you can get from your sexual partners.
They should have used a condom, specially because of their sexual orientation.

I’m glad someone is appreciating the knowledge I’m trying to drop on you people.

Jill looks a bit out of place but I like it otherwise.

**Captian: **“You’re fired.”

So… every zombie movies and infectious space aliens ones are in fact… large scale STI/AIDS campaigns!!!

of course we have a big manly soldier backing away the woman so she doesn’t have to look

perpetuating outdated gender roles, how prosaic.

Actually, it’s funny you bring that up because she originally was going to be the one about to shoot the guy. But I made this picture right before it and didn’t want them to look exactly the same (which they still kind of do)


Argo on the right is a fan of Operation Metro.

What gun models are those?,did someone port from Blacklight Retribution already?.

No the guns are from some really big pack some dude released. Let me find you a link.

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I like it, i especially like the posing and light!