I'm joining the bandwagon: Watch me map!

So yea, I’m going to be mapping for a bit, and having an audience might make things more amusing and/or be helpful. If it goes well I might do this regularly, and teach some of the basics. If you are going to critique my mapping, at least be constructive. For the time being, I’m just going to work on a surf map for CSS, although the topic is not set in stone. So, here’s my channel: http://www.livestream.com/DrPie. If you spam you will be banned.

Oh, one other note. If you do watch, please make your nickname your Facepunch username so that I can recognize you.

Current Stream Status: Down. I might continue later tonight, but no guarantees.

A surf map you say? Should be interesting.

Ah wow… two people and both are afk. I feel loved… :v:

wow I started something… 2 people in last like 48 hours created a stream to watch them mapping lol

Good thing theres the chatroom at the side :v:

Still going; the map is lookin’ nice =D

FINALLY you came


yeah you dont say anything

Lol way to edit yet post as I check thread…


I didn’t say anything because there’s a 15 second delay.

Still wondering how the fuck you get it to show whats on screen and not my webcam(built in)

That’s it for tonight folks! I’ll be probably doing this again the same time tomorrow.


I might create one of these threads… next summer though, I’m mainly doing my summer reading and homework, then I will be caught up in a few other things before school starts… :frowning:

Get the Procaster thingy, I made a hall of mirrors which took ages to update last night. :v:

Ok, I’m going to be starting this back up in a little bit, so if you want to watch get ready!

Ok, its back up folks!

These map-watching things are sort of odd (and pointless) in my opinion. Not as creepy as this at least:

Sorry bout the false OP people, now it is actually up.

Ugh, It’s a surf map? Make a decorative map if you want to learn to hone your skills better