I'm just a nice guy

So I play on http://www.aunz-rust.com/ server I don’t like to play as a bandit cause I’m just a nice guy and I like helping people out and building bases, that’s just my nature.

So I was building a tower in a valley went off to get some wood and three guys in cloth were in it, told them I was friendly and wouldn’t hurt them and that I was just building a tower and was more than happy for them to hang out. I was having a nice conversation with the guys and they then start hacking me to death. I tell them I don’t know why you killed me cause I’m just a nice guy but they upset me and I told them I would find you and kill you all.

Being killed so much has taught me to hide and hoard an arsenal and this nice guy liked to hoard. Got back to the valley in my war loadout! Waited ages for them to go through the area again. Finally spotted three guys moving together in the valley I followed them all the way to there hideout. It was night time by the time I got to the hideout and I was just outside and was walking around so they could hear me and then hid from them around a rock face near the hideout. They were walking around and saying is anyone out there. I stayed quiet not wanting to give away my position, I could hear there panicked footsteps through there hideout calling out. The voices were the same and I knew I had found them. I waited till dawn and talked over the mic and said hey guys I’m friendly. They all came rushing out of this base running around looking for me but the fools had no idea what was coming. I pop out of hiding and run around the side of the base my first mark had his backed turned lucky for me as he didn’t see his doom and took a blast in the back with my trusty shotgun. I waited around the corner for his friends to come and my next mark fell right into my trap and took a blast in the face. My last mark was a coward and already started to run away and leave his mates. I charged ahead at him but backed into a corner he panicked and his shots from his pistol were not on mark. I took a couple of hits but by that stage I was right in front of him. He took a full blast into the chest and suffered the same fate as his mates. I walked back yelled on the mic I told you I would fucking find you! I left for about 5 mins and healed up and came back to the shack so I could talk to them. So fucking funny they were like in shock. They couldn’t believe that happened. Well I told them I would find them.

Moral of the story is don’t take my kindness as weakness as I will find you and kill you.

I’m just a nice guy :slight_smile:

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snip teehee

Haha love it Serifan :smiley: glad you are enjoying being on our server, and if anyone else wants to come check it out that’s great to. Hackers don’t last long, very very active admin team, heaps of things to do, events every three days and a good community. Constantly hitting 70+ people online.

Enjoying it very much. Making new friends all the time.

Hahahah awesome. What’s your in game name? I don’t recognise it from the server.

His ingame name is Serifan lol.

If you want to connect to the server, go to the server website aunz-rust.com and server info page :slight_smile: