I'm just seeing black? Last 2 hours, no visuals...

Since about 2 hours ago, all I’m seeing is the UI on a black screen. No visuals. I have been killed several times, respawned, quit and restarted, and still I have no visuals. Very frustrated, as I am actually loving playing Rust Experimental.

Yes, this was happening to me after the last client update.

I’m running mac.

It was fixed once I booted to my windows partition. Members of my server running linux were experiencing the same thing.

Right, good tip RustBugs. I have now been locked out completely on the mac version, it just gets as far as “Loading #client ready” and then hangs. I will try installing it on a windows partition/laptop, as a “work-around” for the time being. Thanks!

Edit: Seems like there is a thread in the General Discussion forum about this too, (black screen on Mac OSX): http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1417498

Same here on linux.
The client hangs at #client ready

Happened to me on win7, while trying to connect official server.