I'm just starting gmod, need help with 3d characters, etc.......

Hi, I am new to gmod, I’m going to get it soon, but I need some advice:

1, I want to create my own 3d stuff like people, vehicles, guns(if possible), etc… And put them in gmod to use them, what program would I need? Is it even possible?

2, I would also like to get characters out of games(ps2, gamecube,etc…) and transfer them to gmod, I think the program is 3d ripper dx, (or something?) Is it possible? Is that the program to use?

Much help is needed and appreciated. Thanks.

  1. 3DSMax? http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Compiling_Models
  2. If you use something like an emulator so that you can render it on your PC. I think it’d be something like it’d grab all of the polygons and materials and you’d have to edit out everything that isn’t the model.

Still confused

I use blender and it works fine for me.

Here a hint Grays mod is just a sandbox for some games and if you make stuff you can put in on there all you do is put it in the program files but making stuff is 100% different you have to learn how to script lua to make most work and how to make models go learn that and come back then… as garys mod can play them not make them

Yeah, I know. I’m going try to make some of my own though

wait… will ‘‘Carrara Pro’’ work with gmod? because i have it.

Making models is not simple.


Actually it’s quite hard…

Same thing

Modeling in the program is fun.
But .QC files… ARGGH

I recomend Softimage XSI mod tool. http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/item?id=13571257&siteID=123112
and look here for good tutorials on modeling and compiling
or here for lua and scripting.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your help. And everbody else, thanks for the advice!

For 3d stuff,use a 3d program with source SMD plugins.
I suggest you decompile some hl2 default models to get a good look at different details before you dive into it.
You might want to google.
“Half life 2 model compile”
“SMD plugins”
“mdl decompiler”

Extracting models and stuff from other games (aka. porting) is different for every game.
(Games that have a SDK are generaly easy to port,so look for those too.)
But i have never seen people port from ps2 games tho.