Im looking for 16 good/great/usefull garrys mod players

Hello, im looking for 16 players that know how to code the basic
like jobs,shipments,evt

Im going to start the biggest and newest garrys mod community
if you are intarested
look at this:


Thats a title I don’t think you’ll be able to hold for very long

16 people is quite a lot

Is this some sort of reality show style you’re using where one is voted out each week

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holy fuck that’s a genius idea, someone organize it

Improper grammar, unprofessional and unoriginal declaration of war against big server men. Is looking for players to script his things for him instead of Lua coders.
Seems like another owner who has the idea that lots of money can make you the best thing there is while having no experience in server management or Lua scripting whatsoever.

I have faith.

he he you you intarested?

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16 people
i have 8 servers
2 people each to hold and create the gamemode good for players

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Lol wtf
i cant or have the time to code and create 8 gamemodes



you looking for people to make you just the same generic bullshit for yet another generic xyzRP server and talk about EIGHT. gamemodes?

Look im looking for people to help me out but if you guys onlu can write bullshit down then leave

well you kinda already did, so its self explanatory of what must happen.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so incredibly sad.

I think the percentages should be altered so each coder gets 50% and our pal here gets 0%, because he doesn’t do shit

if this was dressed up better, with an appropriate OP and an aim for what the community was doing, would anyone notice the ridiculous price?

They would first notice the Wix website, THEN the price.

How the fuck did you manage to get sponsored?

And after a quick reverse google image search, it appears the logo isn’t his either.

Yeah, theres enough confirmation to know that this was doomed to fail.

probably his mom?

What is my “real age heading”. Also, you should consider hiring a 17th person for proofreading.

“The newest and biggest garry’s mod community.”


Giving out admin to everyone is your only solution at this point.

An English teacher would be helpful too.