I'm looking for a challange

So basiclly I want you to post the main parts of your VMFs (like a house, a office interior, a tree the size of mount rushmore , ect.). I’m out of ideas so basiclly just post some VMF parts.


I mean like maps people are too lazy to finish

No! No, no no, no. No one is giving you any VMF’s! You’re just going to take a bunch of people’s pieces of work to make your own map, and you’re not going to put your own effort into it, just profit off of ours! Also, your thread title is misleading!

Here’s a challenge: take all your ideas for your map and MAKE THEM YOURSELF!

Out of ideas? Post you some vmfs so you can get ideas? You insult my intelligence.
How old do you think i am, five?

Okay guys, lets post him some reference pictures, those work better than vmfs anyway.



[alternate response]
Give you the main parts of our vmfs? thats our work. we can post pictures of them, but we wont give you the .vmfs. Especially when you dont have proper grammar and you only have 40 posts.
And no references of your old work.
[/alternate response]

If you want to be a mapper first you need ideas. If you can’t produce ideas, then ask yourself if mapping is for you.