I'm looking for a cops and mobsters

Hello, i’m looking for mafia ragdolls, but not like Italian Mafia from year 1940. I’m looking for a russian mafia or american mobsters, who looks like in movie “The Sopranos”. I’m looking for a cops ragdolls too, i only have NYPD, which they doesn’t look so good. I need more detailed cops. Once i saw LCPD from GTA IV on someone screenshots. I searched it all on googles, workshop of GMOD and garrysmod.org and i didn’t find anything. Is it possible that they doesn’t exist? :f

Hope I made a thread in good section.

Sorry for my english btw.

what do u think of this?

I got chinese gangsters if you want. GTA 4 has some russian dudes, but if you need specifically american mobsters, Mafia II has a lot of good models. I’m sure there’s ragdolls of those somewhere.

could work

Better this than nothing. Gopniks looks awesome, but why they have only one suit? ;c

How about cops?

Cops? Well, it’s your lucky day. I got a link to those LCPD models you were looking for. However, they don’t have faceposing and I think eyeposing. But anyway, here’s the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/inmpzcfa543t9s6/GTA4+Police.zip

those suit styles are all really obviously recent though. better than nothing though.

I thought OP was asking for more modern gangster clothing

oh, is sopranos that recent? i haven’t seen it.

Thanks for the LCPD ragdolls, but it’s sad that they doesn’t have faceposer and a few ragdolls are bugged (artifacts). Is there another police ragdoll pack? I saw Chicago Police from Hitman Absolution in one screen, are they released or no?

I know the guy who was doing some work on the Chicago Police Officers, and I’m pretty sure they haven’t been released yet.

Okay, thanks. So i have to wait for release :slight_smile:


What about the other cops? I know only NYPD :confused: