I'm looking for a garrysmod npc voice player.

I’ve been looking for an addon for garrysmod that plays the npc’s voices from half life 2 from an emitter that starts with a numpad key. For example i want to play the very first thing g-man says in half life 2 ( too long to write but if you’ve played half life 2 you know what i’m talking about) by pressing the 1 button on the numpad. I can’t seem to find something that does what i’m looking for so if anyone knows an addon like this that’d be great or if you know how to put sounds into the sound emitter tool that’d be great too.

Thanks but thats not what i’m looking for. I’m looking for something that plays the voice of someone by pressing a numpad button. Like the sound emitter but a voice emitter, also could be like a radio.

Hmm… I can’t think of anything like that. Sounds like you need a human voice-actor, and a little bit of Source SDK faceposer tutorials. That usually does it.

This is kinda hard to explain i’ll just give you an example. I want to press the 1 button on my numpad and from an emitter like stool/entity i will hear the voice of an npc from half life 2 specifcally the very first g-man scene. I want to play the sounds from the first g-man scene by pressing a button on the numpad.


Or another alternative is using the sound emitter tool and making my own code which makes the sound play but the sounds have some weird music/soundname.mp3 name that i don’t know where to find. If you know where those are kept that’s all i need.

maybe you can request this in the lua requesting forums…

It doesn’t tell you what they are, experiment.

I believe GMan’s entire speech in the beginning of HL2 is a bunch of sounds…