I'm looking for a good BuildRP server

Anyone know of a good, popular BuildRP server? I’m looking for a server with many available tools (but certain ones unavailable, like dynamite), defense against minges, a good unique map, somewhat a variety of jobs (including custom jobs), and of course, Wiremod. Basically I want serious or semi-serious RP, but a maintained ability to create buildings and contraptions. I bet a lot of you guys have favorite servers like what I’m searching for, right?

I knew one, but the owner was a douche. Along with every single admin on the server because they were minges who bought admin.

Good luck finding one, I doubt they exist.

Don’t worry, they do. Just most of them are corrupted by admins who payed 10-15 bucks for their position. But of course, that is about 50-75% of servers out there.

I’m not looking for a perfect server, just a decent enough one to be my main server. Surely someone must know some good ones?