I'm looking for a good FastDL tutorial.

Can anyone tell me how to set up a FastDl on my server?
Heres what I need:

How to organize the directories on the server (more specifically where to place TDM cars)
How to make it so it actually downloads faster (should I delete the mods off my comp and put them on the server?
What to place in server.cfg

All around I need a pretty vivid explanation.
a link to a tut will also work


help please?

Well I guess no one here is knowledgable about Fast DL. Thanks, anyway I guess.


Sorry for the late response

The only reason I need fastdl is for TDM Cars. Can you explain to me what I need to put in my fastdl and where so that this god forsaken TDM Cars actually takes a reasonably short time to download?

I read the wiki page, and it did help, but I only have one addon to install and that’s tdm cars.

Please help me!

For a sample
if the cars contain

Resources (e.g. fonts etc)
You add Materials to materials , models to models , sounds to sounds etc

The best if you get an host that supports Fastdl