I'm looking for a perfectly working survival mode.


I’m completely bored and I’m looking for a survival gamemode against the computer, a gamemode playable with 5-6 other persons, no matter what monster it is. Can be a zombie, antlion, can be suicidal combine whatever, just looking for a gamemode that works without 9999 lines of lua errors per second.

Thanks in advance!

Code your own. :v:

But really, there pretty much isn’t one and you’d seriously have to code your own.

I can’t code anything.

I tried the Resident Evil 2 but it’s too bugged and seems to be forsaken.

Well, I think I’ll have to wait until something " actual " shows up.

Hm, I remember one that you would build fort out of props and fight npcs. I forget what the name is though.

Onslaught Evolved