I'm looking for a specific "Pack" of models...the pack is not available for download.

The site garrysmod.org used to host a certain pack of character models. This specific pack had about 50 characters in it. I remember that it had a wide variety of characters…these are the ones I remember:

Zero Suit Samus
Armored Samus
Lei Fang
Evangelion Unit-01
Asuka Langely Sohryu
Jeane (from Bloodlines)

And a few dozen more, lots of stuff from anime as well as video games.

This specific pack had some unique models that you can’t find anywhere else; for example, the Zero Suit Samus model had jiggling breast physics, and none of the other ZSS models available for download have those physics (that might sound stupid, but it’s just an example.)

Does anyone here have that character model pack? If so, could you please host the folder somewhere and let me download it?

I can actually provide the link that USED to point to this model pack, even though the model pack has been taken offline. I don’t think this will help, but I’ll include it just in case it’s a clue somehow: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=63376

It was something like Ghosts model pack or something

Can’t exactly remember

I believe those models are from Mariokart64n’s model pack and reuploaded under Ghost’s model pack.

They should be on his filefront.

A great deal of those models are in his thread here:

If there are some missing, I’d check his ‘search all threads’ link in his profile.

Now I remember, the pack was made by someone named Invis-ghost!


Thanks for helping me out, guys.

It wasn’t made by Invisi-Ghost, mariokart64n made it all, and ghost stole it.