I'm looking for advice, assets and concept art for my first map (Combine spaceship)

So I’m thinking of making a series of small to medium maps for posing set on a Combine spaceship, this is my first map so I’m only going to do one room at a time. Here’s what I could use…

Maps: I don’t mean I want someone to make the map for me (although I’m certainly okay with anyone doing so), I mean drawings that give an idea for a good layout.

Concept art: I only need this for some special areas and some other stuff.

Assets: So far I really only need custom doors for the living quarters.

Other: Stuff you would like to see in this kind of map.

The Combine spaceship is basically a citadel in space, made for operations where normal citadels cannot be used (something prevents teleporting on the planet). while it doesn’t mine resources like a normal citadel seems to do, it can still be used as a command center and either has onboard factories for synths or storage for a large number of them.

A large area of the ship where Combine commanders communicate to and command their forces, may include an advisor.

An area devoted to powering the massive ship and controlling the generator.

Living Quarters
An area made for housing the human officers on the ship. May have been an unused area before.

I’ll probably start with living quarters.

Remember to not use this texture!

Why not? It can be used in a various of genious ways