Im looking for some one to help me run a garrys mod server

I am looking for some one to help me do custom coding maybe not all custom just one or two things that we could call our own that makes the server something special I guess but we still need help starting the server and running it. I would also need serious people to be admins but as of now me and a friend are going to start It up soon. I want to create a Garrys Mod server. Dark RP maybe. Not entirely sure yet. I would make you a CO Owner to the server. But we can work that stuff out later. If your interested Email me at or add me on steam. theawesomeadam or skype adam.wendorf Or even just comment on here and we can talk from there. The requirements though are you must be over 15.

So you are the ideas guy? The other person helping you is supposed to code for you and as payment only get Co Owner?


No, not that. Like I want to learn to code. The guy whos coding wouldnt do everything. Just helping. It not more so the coding though as more so we want more help with running the server the coding is nice cause Im new to starting a server. I know basic HTML coding but nothing serious like this. I can Place the RP files no problem.

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Or I might want a developer side. But for now Im not worried about that part. Also as for money. When things get roleing money would be distributed though out all the people would helped with the server. I want to make a Vip pricing system and through that the server will make money.

Good luck with this, you’re going to need a lot of it.

Alot of help ? I know a guy that did it all him self. His server is ok but the admins are effed up.

OP, I’m going to tell you right now that you’re asking for nothing more than ridicule and mockery. One of the worst things you can do is ask for “coding help” and only offer an admin position on your server in exchange.

To put it simply, people don’t want to code for admin positions. There is a strong chance that most of the coders around here are already in a position of power on respectable servers, therefore don’t really need to be part of a server that has a good chance of dying in the first month it operates.

Now, by “custom coding” I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you want one (or more) of the following:

-Custom RP jobs, weapons, etc.
-ZombieRP / Survival weapons, etc.

The bottom line is this: Very few people will do it for you. You’ve got to offer a solid foundation before asking for coders. People don’t like coding for things that aren’t going to survive.

^ This.

I’d usually ask a friend that I can trust.

There’s a thread like this every single fucking day.

What the fuck?

Gah, these people make coders want to jump out of a window. They will give you some pretty bat shit insane ideas, then when you make their insane ideas work you are just give co-owner and a server you wouldn’t want to be on in the first place.