I'm looking to buy a server

I saw GiritServ.com, I played on them and they are really cheap but are they legit? The prices are only 1.12/slot post some hosts for me please.

Reliable, and they do actually get back to you on problems.

The best in my opinion, the owner always helps and is a good friend of mine.

Also it’s pretty cheap :slight_smile:

US - http://www.xenonservers.com/
UK - http://www.bioservers.co.uk/

cough http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=806815

Uhm, you’re the person who posted about GiritServ a while ago… Aren’t you the owner?



I recommend Xenon Servers: http://www.xenonservers.com/.

haha I remember you.

My friend runs it all. Good quality, cheap prices.