I'm making a addon but dosent works.

my addons is Not Downloader Kicker (NDK)

This addon kicks who dosen’t downloads server files to force them see MOTD or use your server tools or anything.

but i’m a very poor for lua and i spent 6 hours or above and i’m mad now.
revive me guys.

all i want is kick him if he didn’t downloaded a cache(datapack) file by multipayer option settings.

code: http://pastebin.com/D477Mkya

yeah i know that’s creepy messed up so help me please.

have you got an info.txt?

that’s not the problem it works only in singleplayer and i dont know why

well, your addon will not work if you join a game because the server has to have your addon for it to work. unless it doesn’t work even when you start a multiplayer game yourself, then we have another problem to fix here.