I'm making a map, any ideas for it? (PICS)

So its supposed to be a harbor, an island will be added, along with some other stuff, I’ll add more to this post after, but here’s what I have (The water is selected to give you an idea of whats what.):

Sorry if that’s a bit big, running at 1440x900 res.

Look at tons of pics of harbors and get an idea for what you’re aiming for (realism or gameplay).

You have 7 brushes… Does this really deserve a thread

It’s too big.

I love it. I would download right now.

Srsly, go into the map more and add more stuff. Then we might have ideas if you still cannot make something.

RAAAGGHHH!! Its not done yet! and no, it doesn’t have only 7 brushes, it has 6 (isn’t flatgrass 2? Not including skybox?), and its a work in progress so calm down guys, I’m gonna add more to it, and I want some input on what to add, so any ideas? That’s what I thought I asked? Wasn’t that what I asked? What I said?


6016000 pixels of inspiration.

not image tagged for obvious reasons


6 brushes and not even in game screenies…did it deserve a thread?

Oh and no other information at all…

Seriously, if that’s all you can do, facepunch cannot help you.

And i know people keep pointing out it’s six or seven brushes, but the thing i hate about it, is it’s only two textures, and crap ones at that.