I'm making a Roleplay server and I can't decide on which SWEPs to use.

I’m considering Mad Cows weapons very deeply as I love them very much, but I want to know if there’s anything else out there. I’m just editing the script right now, and I’d prefer if someone can find me SWEPs that would fill the following Merchants:
-Gun Dealer
-Doctor (Actually sells health vials, not weapons.)
-Black Market Dealer (Explosives, lockpicks, keypad crackers, etc.)
-Scavenger (Crossbows, knives, “alien” weapons ((AR2s and some other single-sweps I have.)))
-Faction Supply (Arrest batons, unarrest batons ((Teletojail/telefromjail set to 0.)), basically all cop weapons.)
-Drug Dealer (Sells… drugs.)
And those are the only classes excluding Citizen and Hobo, which are covered.
So what SWEPs should I use if I only want Merchants, “Denizens” (Citizens, but my RP server will be based more on faction-run governments, rather than a set government.), and Hobos? And before you ask, yes, I am an ALT who didn’t feel like logging off.

Also posting here cause I’m the main account.

Sounds like another DarkDM server.

Seriously if an RP has stupid classes like “hobo” or “pet” I just leave. That’s how you know a 10 year old is running the server from his mom’s laptop.

Rp should have citizen, mayor, cop. Thats all. But lockpicks and such stuff, cheap as hell, and also if you buy it, it lasts for 20 lifes or something.

I think you misunderstand rp in every way.

DerpRP hardly sounds like RP to me…

The idea is that you buy arrest batons, and players form their own governments. The “Denizen” class would be for outlaws, homeless, or anything else which wouldn’t have a salary. Players form factions who claim land who govern that land without an outside force, since I’ll be using large maps, this will work effectively. The idea is a real-world like government, like many people have thought of real-world economies. The merchants are just a supply of items.

the dark rp player base don’t have enough intelligence to realize how a government works. All they will do is get the baton and run around wapping people on the head with it.

As i said, mayor, cop, citizen, to make it simpler, not like in perp.
Mayors Secretary
Mayor Secretary Assistant
High Rank Secretary
High Rank Secretary assistant
Secretary Assistant
Traffic Cop
Guard Cop
Station Guard
Police Chief
Swat leader
Swat leader assistant
Street Cop
Mayor Guard
Mayor Cop
Mayor Guard Guard
Mayor Guard Guard Guard
Mayor guard guard guard jihad

There will be Citizen, Denizen (Hobo.), Scavenger selling antique, alien, most melee, and homemade weapons, Faction Supply selling cop weapons (No teleto jail or tele from jail.), Black Market selling drugs and explosives, Gun dealer selling most guns not taken by another class, Doctor selling Medkits, Cook selling food water and Alcohol, and I try to fit all of the weapons/items into those categories. Say I have my server’s theme set at apocalyptic, per-say, and there are multiple settlements- These settlements aren’t going to be controlled by a single Mayor, but by someone who helped founded it or something, it depends on that scenario. Say on cityway, people start to move around to houses on the cost and start a rebellion. Not having a set set of cops or in-character laws allows players more freedom (Server rules like No RDMing, Propblocking/Surfing, NLR, no Metagaming, etc. are still enacted everywhere.). Say the center city’s Dictator says “Money printers are illegal!” and everyone who can’t roleplay says to the rebels “no u cant make laws ur not the mayor lol” without understanding independence. These Government Factions would have militias to wage war over areas, with any citizens of that GF’s homeland, staying in their home passivly RPing or something. Black Market/Outlaws (Outlaw isn’t an official class, I’m just spreading ideas around.) could smuggle through different cities their illegal contents to another city, or a gang/GF could place a bounty on someone’s head to be collected by a Bounty Hunter. I try to leave as much freedom as possible, as long as you’re not breaking server rules and playing your character seriously (I consider Serious RP RPing serious, not RPing something that is serious.), go ahead. Set your job to /job RDMer or /job Serial Killer? You can have your 10 seconds of bravery before I or one of my admins (which have already been chosen) ban you. Is your GF a tribal-like government, making their prisoners fight an arena for their entertainment? Go ahead.
Is the earth being invaded by aliens, making all of the wars stop between humans to fight the aliens? Sure.
Did a Rebellion kidnap the mayor and is going to feed him to fast zombies if they don’t get independence? I don’t know where you’d get fast zombies from, but sure.

Everyone only spawns with the laser pointer and the FALCON PAWNCH SWEP :smugdog:

For the police

Police Officer
Police Seargent
Poliece Capitan
Police Chief

Private eye

I hate it where there are only two types of cops, and some citizen based “police” workers would be cool too.

i would play in op’s server



I’ve decided on mad cows and Kermite’s knives, as much as I hate Kermite’s sweps.

What is the ip address of the server?

I’m not going to purchase the server until I’m done editing DarkRP for my purposes.

Well this sounds…promising. If this server actually comes up i’ll love to play it, if you wouldn’t mind after your done editing posting your i.p or be super nice cause i’ll forget about this thread and pm me. Well good luck!

Well. in my server there are… no… weapons… just the stunstick for the police.

Good for you, now get the fuck out.

what a wonderful post by vinze, contributing nothing but being a dick. what a surprise