I'm making a server.

I need to know some must-have addons, it will be a sandbox server by the way.

Thank you

What are some must-have addons?

So whats the question then?

Advanced Duplicator. Nothing else.

PHX is included with Gmod now so you don’t have to worry about that.

And to the wire-haters, deal with it, because alot of people use it and if you want to play “vanilla gmod” then go to some server that was made for it.

Anyways, you should also get… Pa… Pather…a… Tigris…?? tools… Whatever one that has “Nocollide world.”
Fin tool.
Weight tool.
Advanced Duplicator even though that’s partially part of wire.
Waterizer tool is kinda fun, too, I’ve made some artificial lakes and pools with it.
No-collide Multi.
Smart Constraint.
Easy Precision.
Any sort of parenting tool, I.E. Super Parent Multi or whatever it was called.

Ball socket easy, advanced, linedraw and centre.

Can’t think of anything else right now.

phx is really included? if i delete it from my addons folder, than how will the phx models update?

They are shipped with GMod, so they’ll update on GMod updates.

ok - thanks.
as of right now i have

advanced duplicator
advanced spawner
bridge tool
buoyancy tool
buoyancy tool - wire
climb rope
door stool
easy precision
laster stool
no coolide multi
measuring stick
simple prop protection
smart snap
sound emitter
stacker stool

am i missing anything?

That all seems good!
Though if people start coming to your server, I’m sure they’ll have more to suggest.

But always remember to look into addons they suggest. Heavily.
Don’t ever blindly add things in. Bad things can happen and things can break.

Also, you should get a good admin mod.
ULX is the most widely used one, but on Aycerus.com’s servers, we use Evolve mod which has been working well for us, too. Only thing that has issues is the MOTD.
Tip: If you end up using Evolve, make sure to bind a key to +ev_menu for easy group, ban, and sandbox settings management.

You can look into both and decide what you want.

Ulx can be bypasses when you get gagged (if you got a good hack) so I’d use evolve, it’s my favorite admin mod.

yeah, i switched to evolve a couple hours ago, thank you. i also added fin tool, anything else?

Nope, that’s about it, you’ve got a lot of addons now I’m guessing :3

Wiremod SVN version, prop protection.

Wiremod already includes Advanced Duplicator.