I'm making a steelport map from Saints Row: The Third

How do you guys like the idea and please give me some comments and things i should do with it.

Yeah well it would be a good start to post some pictures of what you have (considering you have something and that you aren’t an ideas guy). We don’t know what you’ve made yet and how it looks so we can’t really comment on it.

If you’re actually making one, maybe you should post in the right section and show some images.

hi guyz im making liberty city from grand thief auto 4 plz some comments about what to make in it :)))

Seriously though, I recommend that you take some pictures so people can see what the map looks so far. If you haven’t started, do so and make a thread in the mapping section.

Lol, I can see this being a super fail. You didn’t even know how to put custom models in Source SDK.

GG making steelport.

It sounds like a good idea, But take your thread to the mapping section bro.

We don’t want him there either.

Hi I’ve started to build North America in hammer I just need to know what landmarks to put in etc, so far I have made the basic ground but will be adding more

EDIT: releases as beta

oh come on i was new to garrysmod then and now i have a good friend who is actually a legendary mapper: Freakrules! and he has been supporting me and making textures for me and telling me how to do things.

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I dont know how many times i have to say sorry because im new!

Still haven’t provided pictures. This really is a pointless contentless thread, even if it WAS in the right section.

i’ll post pictures in a bit hang on

Waiting, but I have to agree, Freakrules is a really good mapper.

Being new to mapping is no excuse at all.

i sense dev textures and the carve tool

And fullbright.