Im making the Whole EARTH in souirce 2

I heard source 2 was epicness x100 so i decided as my first small project I’m going to make the whole earth using 3 petabytes of data from Microsoft. I heard VIS was annoying so Im disabling that which means performance will be good. ontop of that, for performanse the rest of the galaxy will be skybox. also the moon will be a dlc pack that costs monney.600px-Globe.svg


Good luck with the project, it seems to be incredibly ambitious, you could team up with the guy that’s trying to make America and the guy that’s trying to make Mars.


btw don’t ban me I actually have experience with source 2, 3 months prior to the announcement of s&box being shifted to the engine. thanks for coming to my NED talk

How much will the moon dlc cost?

probbaly about $5 or £4, we also will partener with the mars guys which will cost £6

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Avengers infinity war is the biggest crossover in h-


cant wait for 10 year old kids screaming at me at -3 fps

Is it going to have the ocean floors mapped as well?

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Ocean floors will be mapped with geomorphology data accordingly, but will not feature heavy deatail, only a few see creatures will be made for the ocean, along with clownfish and sea cucumbers which can be traded with mermaids. Bill Nye will also make a special cameo for an easter egg as Davy Jones.

better hurry up cause I’m on your tail, this is only one of around 100 million grid pieces I’ve been working on to assemble the entire planet so I can compile it by the year 3000

this isn’t even counting the 3D scans I’ve taken of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle, I have complete compositional analyses ready for a fully fledged physical impact response when anything touches the ground, just you wait. every impact shifts the Earth slightly off its orbit according to its mass which indirectly affects the orbits of other planetary bodies in the nearby solar system.



good luck on the earth, (if you’re not joking) i’m working on the mars project, and we are not recreating the entirety of mars lol.

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actually I’m working on the mars project and we are recreating the entirety of mars. We will also be disabling vis to get better performance. We would be happy to include project mars as a dlc for The Whole Earth in Souirce 2. perhaps $60 would be a reasonable price


i love these negotiations going on, true businessmen at work right here, you all got my respect :vulcan_salute: :triumph: :ok_hand:

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Don’t forget to buy enough hard drives!

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just use mega small sizes, ez way to make the grid seem larger :wink:

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But that would make you run into floating-point precision issues. Screenshot I took in Garry’s Mod of my friend who was shrunk against his will to near-quantum foam levels:


We wouldn’t have to reach that small.
We know Hammer can make a map up to 0.43km^2 and that earth is 510,100,000km^2.

Shrinking a player in half will make the map look 4 times larger, if we shrink him to 1/4th it will look 16 times larger.
Running some calculations leads me to believe that shrinking the player to 1/30th of their original size will make the map look as big as the whole earth!
All you need now is some form of procedural textures and make sure there isn’t a lot of physics going on, also the map can’t be too detailed because of memory issues.

I’m sure it could be done without shrinking players with level streaming and a lot of storage.

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Reminds me of “Sapiens”, a cool indie game that is currently under development. That guy really implemented a whole planet to play with.