"I'm metropolice #4325-, Excuse me.. but do i know you?"


Also, the person hes talking to is a girl.

Max out those graphics, improve the posing, the background is empty, and that bloom.

I hope it is a troll pose.

I’m a beginner, bro.

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I can’t max it out bro, or else. my graphics card would fuck up and garrysmod would lag.

Hey, bro, get a new graphics card bro.

You could at least

  • take your time
  • max out graphics just to take the picture and then turn it low again
  • find a better angle
  • browse for some posing tutorials on facepunch or elsewhere
  • use no bloom like that

Hey bro, the right bro thread bro is bro here bro: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/880439-quot-Want-To-Post-Your-Pic-But-Don-t-Want-To-Make-A-Thread-quot-Thread!

this is the best pose i have seen all week.

Bro you should leave your settings the way they are while you pose bro and then when you’re ready to bro the screenshot change your settings all the way bro then bro the screenbro then bro them back bro



it’s p. funny though

Then max them out just before you take the picture. Damn. Bro.

Listen to this man and you willget better.

Max out your settings, we can’t see your lag BROOOOOOOOOOOOO

The posing is just really really awkward and unnatural that I don’t know where to begin. Just imagine yourself standing infront of a mirror in those poses.

Bro, I heard you like mudkips bro.

wow gmgregster, that meme is so goddamn stupid and makes you look stupid aswell

And yet you don’t even know how to capitalize, nor do you know when to put in your commas. Also your periods.

Hahahahahaha oh that was the real punchline. I love autobiographical poses.


But the fact that you’re using memes that aren’t funny in any sort of way makes you look bad, good sir.

It’s not grammatically correct to start a sentence with “and”.