I'm missing pretty much every CS:S weapon sound

How would I go about getting them back? I downloaded a weapon pack just to try them out and I lost a few of them (like deagle reloading, and all my ak47 sounds). Then I had to download some of Kermite’s weapons packs for a flood server I really liked, but they closed down a while ago and the weapons packs had replaced all of my old sounds.

Any help would be appreciated.

(I’m missing pretty much every sound but the knife.)

Play CS:S imo hate people having cs:s and not playing it, it should fix it nearly every time

I’ve played CS:S tons of times and it hasn’t fixed it. Any more suggestions?

Hmmm, try reinstalling CS:S, If that doesnt work, try and install an alternate sound pack

Right click, properties, validate

I’ve never had to reinstall a steam game before. Do I do “delete local content” or do I delete the counter-strike: source folder?

You guys really aren’t getting this. He doesn’t have to delete the counter-strike source folder, he’d have to delete the sounds in the garrysmod folder, though you’d be better off deleting the whole garrysmod folder. (note that you will have to reinstall all your addons)

Thanks, that fixed it! I didn’t have to delete the entire garrysmod folder, just the sounds folder.

-snip- EDIT: Was just about to say delete sounds but never read thread good job anyway!