I'm naked, who wants to play with me?

I’m new to Rust and naked in game, who wants to PLAY WITH ME? =)

(User was banned for this post ("read the rules before posting here. missed the chat thread" - postal))

Sounds fun, we should meetup sometimes. I can give you some clothes. Unless you prefer to stay naked.

Come join us!
I’m in the server and will be hooking up new players as they join.

Hey welcome to rust!
We have open houses for you to start out from!

Hit F1 to bring up the console and then type:

See you there Totalrusty!

I got tired of abusive admins…SO I BOUGHT MY OWN SERVER!!!

  1. Press F1 to bring up console
  2. type this: net.connect

Teamspeak server: **

-Door Share
-Starter kits…2 diff kits with cooldowns to prevent abuse
-Random airdrops
-C4 Craftable ONLY
-Player made town!
more to come!..come in and make suggestions, make this your new home**