I'm new and there are problems after buying garry mods

I’m new and garry’s mods want let me download from there site after i bought there product from steam?



You have to download through Steam, Garry’s Mod is located in your game library.


HendoV2 (below me)


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Holy dicks, you’ve bought several garry’s mods? That’s the problem right there.

Post a link to your steam account.

I know ,I have the game, I’m trying to download mods and models from this site. It keeps directing me to steam to log in to, which I’m already am log in to steam. So can somebody help me

My steam account moregames100

Log in with your browser

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garrysmod.org needs to authenticate your steam account before you can download - the instructions on what to do are on the site. this is to prevent pirates from being able to download anything

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Go to http://www.garrysmod.org
Log in with your steam account on the top right. Sign in with your details.
Might take a while to load, but afterwards you should be able to download stuff.

Addons (Folders with more folders and an info.txt inside) go in your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder.
Maps (.bsp files) go in your garrsmod/garrysmod/maps folder.

etc etc

People who come here once and ask for Gmod help aren’t facepunchers.

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