I'm new at posing, what do you think?

I never pose ragdolls and such but I have now started, these are supposed to be cinematic.

THREAD MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRJsUOqZ8NE

I call it “Warrior within”. The blur and noise was supposed to be rain :v:


And “Angels on Fire” helicopter fire fail!



Here’s the one without noises and rain but it got a lot of glow…

not a terrible start. go easy on the bloom and grain though - pretty overkill right now


surprising alright

very good for your first poses

look up some tutorials on making rain

Second one would look brilliant if it wasn’t for the contrast rape at the bottom. It kinda fit the whole sky and skycraper part but it really looks too dark on the bottom.
First one is plain filter rape.

Don’t use filters for the love of God

It’s called cinemetography, it’s supposed to be filter

ya rate me dumb, I know what cinemetography is:smile:

I’m pretty sure you used a bloom preset for the first one, don’t.

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Nah it looks like shit here. I don’t recall any movie full of bloom and with an incredible amount of noise.

Just because it’s cinematic it dosn’t has to be a movie, it can also be a category of style.

And besides it’s my first time



Either ways it looks bad. I suggest you take our criticism and try to improve by concentrating your efforts on the points we posted. We can’t do that for you. You can’t expect to strike a perfect for your very first time, nothing offensive in this.

If we dislike it, you change it or deal with our comments

Simple as that

Hahaha, don’t ask for opinion and then tell people their opinions are wrong.

I think it’s great, you just overdid the vertical bloom in the first pic, make sure that the bloom ranges between horizontal and vertical don’t range more than 3.0 between each other.

I kinda like the second pic, though you seem to have one hell of a love for overbloom and oversaturation.

Overdone bloom, but it’s good for first pose. Try to work on your posing and editing thought.

Pretty good. I have to ask, on the second pic is the soldier supposed to be on fire? If he is, he must not mind heat.

“It’s cinematic because I slapped a filter on it and I say it’s cinematic and not just poor choice!!!”

take criticism with grace or you’re not going to get many good reviews here because your pictures are fucking filteraped

The posing is decent but the filters look terrible.

And bloom is overdone.

Thanks guys for the advices :smile: