I'm new, can someone help me?

I’m new, so I may sound stupid, but I’m new to the workshop for steam, and i have just made a .smd file I want to put in the Garry’s Mod workshop. How do I get it in the workshop? I have the .smd file I made in blender and used the source tools to export it as a .smd…now what do I do to get it to the workshop?

Well I doubt someone is going to be able to do anything with just a smd file… What is it?

Make a .qc file, define what you need to define, compile.

That doesnt help the guy get it on the workshop though… You would have to have the right folder paths for a model and a way for the user to open it or whatever its use is. What are you making?

I just have this little head figure I ported from something you may have heard of, ‘ROBLOX’.

The .qc file is just plaintext that can be opened in any editor, but it needs specific variables. You can’t just upload the SMD file to the Workshop, as it’s just the base of a model, that has no functionality, physics, etc.