I'm new. I need a mark.

Hey Guys. I’m a pretty experienced poser in Gmod and are really good at making screens, yet only today I decided to sign up to Facepunch. Now I know for a fact all high ranking gmodders have a perskin, so I thought, I need one. So this is a request. If anyone is willing to help me make my perskin please post on this thread or send me a message here or on my youtube, TOPGEARZ2010. I really need this, so every bit of help will be appreciated! Thanks :smiley: :dance:

P.S How do I put an image in?

use image tags. [img*][/img*] without the *

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also, you aren’t a high ranking gmodder if you know how to pose ragdolls :v:

What do you mean? Where do I get an image url? Can I gave a full example please?


obviously you need to upload the pics first

Sigh… Pm me