I'm new in Skinning.

Hi guys, I need someone to explain me how to export and import skins for gmod, please!

well using vtf edit, you can grab the textures you want from the model, then open em in photoshop or gimp, then edit til desired, then save em as .png, then right click open with vtf edit and save and then there’s your skin, however using this method, you will replace that skin. so to not do that, using mdldecompiler to decompile, then in the qc alter the texture path and model name then recompile with GUIstudiomdl.

Why go to the trouble when you can just hex it?

uhh how do you hex to change material directory? i never knew that part of it

You actually have done a majority of this already, but: http://facepunch.com/threads/395931

Might be useful to you, I’m pretty much self taught, so I don’t really know if that will help.

well i mean i know how to make vmts but i mean change the material dircectory that model will respond to without decompiling it, but either way i’ll just look that up myself

Thanks I just learned how to.
Someone can close this thread already