Im New Please Help [Only Experts]

Im studing C++ In College And My Brother Said I Couldn´t Program In Lua He Has Gmod 10 Help Me Prove Him Wrong… Any Help? [I Was Thinking About Doing A Fork Or Something…]

It Would Help Textures, Scripts, And Long, Long, Long… CODES Written In Lua…

You Don’t Need To Capitalise Every Word Like This. Or Maybe It’s Only Experts Who Know Not To Do This.

You seem more like you’re 11 rather than in college based on the way you type.

However, if you’re actually serious and not trolling, refer to

And for the record, any half-baked Lua coder could send you to the Wiki. This isn’t an “Experts only” topic, and saying as such makes you look like a douchebag.

Not every stupid person on the internet is a kid.

Anyway, if you really are studying C++, then prove him wrong by making your own goddamn scripting engine.

You’d be surprised.

Christians who try to convert other people on sites like Facebook.

That was… random?

No it wasn’t. Dave said not all retards are kids, and then suggested about the religious assholes who spam your facebook.

Meh, didn’t make sense to me when I read it. Ah well :rolleye:

If you know another programming language then Lua should be piss easy for you.

u ahv no idea, lua is teh harderst language that exists. took me’ 7 yrs olf college to learnt it.

Sorry its just… come on! im just kidding in this post


Actually im 14 but i was writing every word that my brother said


I do want to code lua, i already visited that page, the experts only thing was only a joke

So you lied to us about learning C++ and being in college?

I can’t believe you, you’re a terrible person for lying.

Don’t lie in this board, no one is going to give you help.

i was just writing everything another person said
stop being so childish

What character is that? I don’t even see it on my keyboard, it’s like the opposite of the ` that is under ~. Wierd.

It’s an “Accent aigu”, no clue how you say it in english.

Used to make that : é

in english yor say apostrophe and in french you say apostrophe too :smiley:

You newbs get stupider every week.

Childish? Excuse me but the only childish person here is you. This forum is only for people who are serious and not spoiled.