Im new to garys mod and need help! :(

Ok i install all my addons right and when i get in game i spawn the cars i just made but cant use or drive them :frowning: and ideas?


Give more info
Dont name the thread “Im new to garys mod and need help :(”

ok i put in the drivable sports and installed it right then when i went in game i went to props spawned the car then tried to get in it and it didnt work

open the zip file, the file inside the zip file, you paste under addons.
you may find a readme.TXT file, make sure you read it.

Also, Wrong section.


one more thing,

Some of those cars mods dont work, and require svn.


one more thing,

Some of those cars mods dont work, and require svn.

Those are just its props. To spawn the real car it would be under vehicles or eninties (cant speel)

What he said. Well I’ll try not to be mean because I was just as dumb (no offense) when I started. Took me 2 months to rap my head around the “merging” of files.

facepalm its not in the props section its in the VEHICLE TAB gah fucking minge bags

It appears you dont know what a minge bag is.

Also, word to the wise: Punctuation helps. If you don’t use any, we just read it as some guy blathering so fast and confused, like he’s an overexcited terrified guy in some movie. Slow down, and tell us what happened next time.

He seems to be using it right. Mingebag means (at least it used to mean) new player.

Yes please use proper grammar. This is Facepunch not your cellphone so if you want people to take you seriously take the time to do so.

There needs to be some sort of newbie foru- oh wait.