I'm new to GMOD, how should I get started?

-I don’t know anything about the gamemodes
-I don’t know how to build anything
-Can you guys recommend me files to download? (maps, weapons, vehicles, etc)
-What are the most fun servers? (in your opinion)

I recommend these addons:
Model pack full of geometric shapes.
Input/Output control system.

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Also that.

Download all of Kermites weapon packs.

You should play with the different tools that come with Gmod (weld, easy weld and so on)
The first thing you can try is to build an easy thing like a car or something.

Learn LUA

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first of all, get addons. the most popular ones are wire and phx. then you can download maps. gmod will download some addons for you, but if the file is too big, like maps, it will refuse to download it. keep that in mind. you can find tutorials of how to build on youtube or on facepunch. there’s plenty of them

I have a question: I have two Steam accounts, one has GMOD (and HL2), the other has the Valve Complete Pack. Can I get the files from all of the games from the other account, so that my GMOD can have TF2 models and stuff from the other games?

This is because some servers use files from TF2 and HL2 Episode 2, and those games are on a separate account from mine, so when I log onto the account that actually lets me play GMOD, it lists HL2 Ep 2 and says the game is “preloaded”, and I don’t think GMOD loads the files from it.

I must agree with Cortana.
On Garry’s Mod Start with the easiest thing there is-- a simple car.
It’s really easy when you get the hang of wheel tools, boxes, and vehicle seats.
Get the Unbreakable tool from garrysmod.org/downloads.
It will be very useful, especially when you choose a breakable thing for something that will easily break with it’s purpose of use.

Get wire and phx, then screw around with balloon platforms etc untill you figure out what everything does, and eventually you’ll be a pro. Thats how i did it. Dont expect to be reasonably good at wire for about a year though. Im on my third or fourth year. Watch some tutorials, find a builder you want desperatly to be as good as, i reccomend Sparrow.

oh yeah get advanced duplicator

You can’t, legally. Gmod won’t mount them if they’re not avaiable. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be legal according to the Steam EULA/TOS you agreed with.

Why not buy gmod on the same account, exactly?


Download Door Stool and gm_bigcity. Then use hydraulics, wheels and thrusters to make simple contraptions.

Not the sub machine gun one that ones glitches for some reason.

IF you want to learn some new stuff, open up options and go to keyboard and click advanced and click enable console then press ~ by the one key and type in exec lab for some video tutrials.

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