I'm No Artist But, "Aliens"


As I said i’m not much of an Artist but I really liked the Idea and concept art for Robots in rust and would love to see someone, anyone, draw some concept art for aliens if they had the time.

What I would really like to see is some sort of Alien presence in the game.

For example; Imagine if you were running the fields if rust and came across a strange artifact. You then hit it with your rock and gather “Alien Ore” What could you craft? What tech could this bring into game?

:tinfoil: I think A good backstory could be made with aliens from rust including people being abducted into the sky never be seen again to why we are here and what alien technology was left behind.

I don’t think that aliens should be a main focus for the game however something similar to the |Caretaker| approach would be perfect.

If anyone has any cool ideas or background stories they want to share about Rust and aliens i’d love to imagine them.

A buddy and I were joking about Aliens in Rust.

They’d have to be super rare, (Like once an IRL day), they’d have to be cool like an alien crash, and whatever you get would be fragile and unable to be researched or repaired.

Alien Weapons with limited use and no way to reproduce them would be awesome.

Make the drop rate extremely low and the weapon very powerful. This way you wont be able to abuse them and when you do get one you feel like it was all worth it.

I think obtaining the weapon could come from finding an underground alien supply cache.

Another Great idea that comes to mind is if you get “abducted” into an alien spacecraft you can use your rock and mash the alien pilots head in sending the Spacecraft to the ground allowing the server to rush the location and loot it and fight off remaining intruders.

What if it wasn’t aliens but actually a secret military program?

Well a secret military program would explain the random airdrops and the pilot behind them.

And as long as there was some kind of Special event associated with it i wouldn’t have a problem.

But “Aliens” are awesome to me and opens up a whole lot for npc that we could be fighting.