I'm not alone... Need Backup


Compare With the Original


C&C please :golfclap:

Poor angle, but overall a nice picture. Posing could use some work, though. Remember to fingerpose.

Thanx, but I forgot fingerpose

No worries, just remember it for next time bro.

185 views and only Zeraxify commented ?

Dont use Simple DoF mein bro. Use Super DoF.

I used photoshop for the Dof :ohdear:

The editing is kind of nice, but I think the pose is a bit boring


Seriously, don’t ever rate yourself.

Come on, who rates themselves Artistic?

I used to, just to see if anyone rated me artistic. You know, ratings wouldn’t show up otherwise it had 2. But now, that it doesn’t require that, people should stop! :buddy: